Established 2013

Established 2013

Classic Belgian and English Beer Styles

Delaware’s first brewery since Prohibition, we are a small batch, family owned and operated brewpub that specializes in Belgian and English beer styles. Our pub features 12 taps and two English beer engines with an ever changing selection. Stop in to see what's new on tap! Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @staasbrewing for regular updates. Cheers!

Normal Business Hours:

Thursday:  4pm - 11pm
Friday:       4pm - 12am
Saturday:   3pm - 12am

SPECIAL ADDED HOURS: We will be open for all Sunday Browns day games (1pm and 4pm kickoffs only). We will open 30 minutes before kickoff and close when the game is concluded. DAWG CHECK!

About Us

We visited Delaware together for the very first time on a Sunday afternoon back in April 2012. We instantly knew it was where we needed to be. The small town feel, authenticity and nostalgia of this town is one of a kind. Within six months of our first visit to Delaware we had sold our home in Columbus and moved to Delaware to open our brewpub. Now, over six years later we have started our family here and are so happy and grateful that we took the risk on this town. It is the ideal place to raise our daughter and owning our own brewpub in this community has brought us more job satisfaction and overall life satisfaction than we ever could have imagined. We have made so many friends in the process. Most of our beers are Delaware-inspired to highlight and showcase the rich, interesting history behind this great American town. We are so proud to be Delaware’s first brewery since Prohibition.

Our tagline is "classic styles, true to style." In a day and age where craft breweries are becoming increasingly experimental, we are going in a different direction. Our goal is to brew classic beer styles to their highest quality. Any special adjuncts used in our beer (herbs, spices, fruits, spruce tips) are used to enhance or accent the natural yeast, hop, and/or malt profile of the beer, not to overpower it. (Eg spruce tips enhance the malt and hop profile of our pale ale). Thus even our adjunct beers (such as our Spruce Ale) taste uniquely authentic and balanced. 

We are a small batch brewpub, which means we have the ability to readily experiment with new recipes and rotate seasonal beers and new recipes very frequently. On a yearly basis we offered over 20 seasonal beers in addition to our ten mainstay/signature beers. As a craft brewpub, we want you to come in with the anticipation of "What do they have on tap tonight?" It keeps it fun and exciting to come in week to week and enjoy a pint with your friends. We are usually behind the bar slinging pints, so we hope to see you.

Liz & Donald Staas