My Little Kitchen Foodtruck

Thanks to all of your overwhelming positive feedback and business, we are excited to announce that My Little Kitchen has committed to be at the pub EVERY THURSDAY and many Fridays and Saturdays (see schedule below) throughout the rest of 2018!  He makes almost all food items from scratch (including his sausages, chorizo and hot dogs) and really changes his menu up, so be sure to check our social media pages for the menu of the day. In addition to every Thursday, other upcoming dinner service dates include July 6th 14th & 21st, August 3rd 11th & 24th, September 7th 9th 22nd & 28th, October 5th 12th & 27th, November 2nd & 21st, December 5th

Jimmie G's Barbeque

Locally owned and operated by Jimmie Green, this barbeque is often described as a hidden gem of Delaware. Ribs, pork, brisket-Jimmie does it all to perfection. Upcoming date: July 13th.


This foodtruck features a great selection of hearty an healthy menu items. Their menu has something for everyone-- those looking for a healthy meal and those looking to indulge a little more. My favorite so far is their delicious pulled pork:) Upcoming date: July 27th

Taquitos Taco Truck

Possibly my favoriet nachos EVER! Upcoming dates: August 17th and 31st

Schmidt's Sausage Truck

That's right. The iconic restaurant of German Village in Columbus has a foodtruck! Upcoming date: August 25th

Weekly Flag Football/Basketball League/Ultimate Frisbee

Every Sunday morning about a dozen Staas friends/customers meet at Mingo Park to have fun and burn some of those beer calories. All are welcome and encouraged to join. Email us or click here for more information...Or just show up! "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met" ~William Butler Yeats

Private Events

We are happy to open our doors for your next private event (work happy hour, birthday party, etc.) during non-normal business hours.  Please email for further details.