The Evangelist  
Belgian Quadrupel Ale  10.5%ABV
A big, complex beer named in honor of this ale's creator, Tony Evangelista (Liz's Dad). An avid Belgian beer drinker/brewer, this is truly his masterpiece beer after a lifetime of exceptional brewing.  
Tasting Notes: Rich, dark, and complex. Malty sweetness gives way to notes of  figs, plums, raisins.

Wildcat Sally  
Saison Farmhouse Ale  6.5%ABV
A Brew in honor of Delaware's first known bartender. It is rumored that "wildcat Sally" was attacked by a wildcat on her way home from work one night. A tough woman and historical figure like that deserves her own brew. 
Tasting Notes: Effervescent, dry, champaign-like, with notes of citrus and slight spice

Flood Water
English Coffee Stout 8%ABV
Named to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the most disastrous event in Delaware history, the Flood of 1913.  We hope you find this dark brew much more enjoyable. 
Tasting Notes: This thick and rather robust stout has a full and creamy mouthfeel with definitive aroma and flavor notes of coffee and slight chocolate imparted by roasted malts and fresh, locally-roasted, organic Guatemalan coffee from Stauf's coffee roasters! It drinks very smooth and rich, in our opinion! 

Golden Delicious
Belgian Golden Strong Ale  9.3%ABV
Simply named Golden Delicious for two reasons. First, because it is just that good; and second, because this brew contains esters reminiscent of apples!
Tasting Notes: Effervescent and dry with a marriage of strong fruity esters and slight spicy esters that are reminscent of apples, golden raisins, and slight bubblegum.  This brew is Liz's personal favorite. 

The Runner Up  
English Extra Special Bitter (ESB) Ale 5.1%ABV
This beer is in honor of Delaware almost being named state capital of Ohio.  Also known as an English Pale ale, the ESB is a classic English beer style that is truly a great session beer for anytime of the year.
Tasting Notes: malty sweetness with biscuit/nutty undertones that are complemented by a creamy and smooth mouthfeel imparted by the nitro. 

Baumholder *2013 Gold Medal Winner at King of the Mountain home brew competition
German Weizen  5%ABV
On May 31, 2011 the cities of Delaware and Baumholder, Germany signed a sister city partnership.  Here is our contribution to this successful ongoing partnership.
Tasting Notes: effervescent with esters of  banana, balanced by light maltiness and slight citrus. Extremely refreshing, especially when served with a lemon.

English Pale Ale  ABV 4.5%ABV
Here is a nod to our mascot, The Pacer! 
Tasting Notes: A brilliant golden colored beer that is somewhat of hybrid of an English and American pale ale. Mild to moderate malty sweetness imparted by classic British pale malt is balanced by an earthy and slightly spicy hop profile imparted by a combination of Noble and American hops. This beer is slightly less hoppy than a traditional American Pale Ale, but nicely balanced in our opinion. It truly fulfills our mission of providing a truly sessionable beer that is very full flavored. Enjoy!

Senior Status
American Double IPA 8.7%ABV
Raised by an avid IPA drinker, there was no way Donald could not give reference to his dad, Don Staas Sr. for this brew. Drink up senior!
Tasting Notes: A big and balanced amber colored beer with waves of hop flavor, aroma, and low to moderate bitterness. This brew is generously dry hopped with Citra hops and is always fresh to our tap to highlight its great aroma. 

American India Pale Ale  6.8% ABV
Named in honor of Delaware-born, Rutherford B. Hayes. 
Tasting Notes: The Summit and Simcoe hops impart not just the hoppy flavor you are after, but also notes of citrus.  Moderate bitterness with high hop aroma and high hop flavor create an easy drinking yet full flavored IPA.

Seasonal Beers:

Sage IPA

Christmas Ale to go on tap on 11/22 at 4pm

Also coming soon... English Olde Ale, Imperial Coffee Stout, English Pub Ale

Staas Brewing also offers 1 to 2 beers on cask in addition to our 12 taps! Click here for more information on current casks available and upcoming cask tappings.

Rotating Tap of the Week...we are continually putting new and experimental recipes on tap, one of the benefits of being a true small batch brewpub. Stop in to see what's new. 

We sell growlers and howlers!

$18 Growlers & $10 Howlers: IPA, Weizen, Pale Ale, ESB, Kolsch

$20 Growlers & $11 Howlers: Saison, Vanilla Porter, Scottish Ale, Christmas Ale, Apricot Wheat

$23 Growler & $12.50 Howler : DIPA and Coffee Stout

$32 Growler & $17 Howler: Belgian Golden Strong